Coney Style Birthday Celebrations!

posted recently about how Coney Island never ceases to amaze me but today was OFF THE CHARTS!!!! The 90th Birthday of the Cyclone roller coaster culminated with a live hip hop concert which shut down the block and drew thousands of hip hop fans. This party swirled in a disjointed perfect union with the hoards of people dressed in rainbows, glitter, wigs & drag celebrating gay pride alongside the thousands of muslims in traditional clothes celebrating their religious holiday Eid al-fitar. Meanwhile a large Puerto Rican dance party raged on the boardwalk with a full dance floor, live drummers & Puerto Rican flags flying high above. All of these cultures, costumes & colors juxtaposed in one of the most fabulous arrays of humanity I’ve ever seen. I saw more of humanity on my walk home then most people will ever see in a lifetime. The People’s Playground LIVES!!!! (And it actually inspired me to sit down at with a glass of wine & some vegan pizza to work on my book about Coney Island for the first time in a few months!)