Rebuilding has Begun with the Help of Thousands of Volunteers!

Truly beautiful things are happening in Coney Island. Some of the most incredible outpouring of love & support I’ve ever witnessed. Coney Island is full of volunteers from all over the world, selflessly helping our community recover.

The City has done a great job in organizing volunteers and  helping the community.  Councilmember Domenic Recchia (above) personally accepted the art supplies we donated to his school supply collection for the Coney Island kids!  Along with other city people, he was out there all weekend collecting donations and making sure they got to the people who needed them.

This trucks driving around Coney Island giving out free pet food to pet owners who are suffering from the aftermath of Sandy!

A bus load of volunteers seriously came all the way from Israel to help Coney! Here they are helping clean Benny’s door!

I go through waves of emotion.  Sometimes I start to feel depressed when I look around and see all the suffering and devastation.  Other times I look around and see all the generous outpouring of  love and I feel so happy and lucky.  It has been yet another wild roller coaster of life that Coney Island is taking my heart on!