Bring home coney island magic

Coney Island is a place where the things that are not there are more there than the things that are there.”

I’ve always loved this quote by Musician, Carol Lipnik. The surface of Coney Island is entrancing and hypnotic but there is always this pull of something even more magnetic, haunting, magical beneath the surface. Something not visible or tangible. 

The screams of summers past echoing eternally in the cotton candy saltwater air. The magic doesn’t expire, it compounds upon itself in this endless dance.

When you visit Coney Island you always have a sense that there’s a magic in the air. The Child’s Building, where my Dreamland Roller Rink (pictured here) is one of the most magical places in Coney Island. It’s one of the few historic structures that remain. 

I’ve never believed buildings could be haunted until I had my rink there. But I’ll save my ghost stories another day. Lol! 

Cheers to the magic beneath the surface in Coney Island with one of our Lola Star Pint glasses. Bring a piece of the ever present Spirit of Coney Island to your home. 

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