Birdie Update!

We just got an update on the injured bird we found & brought to the for help yesterday! They wrote:
“The mourning dove you brought in had some trauma on the right side of the body, as well as an old fracture of the leg that looks to have healed on its own. The leg is sore and bruised, but we believe that once the swelling goes down the bird will be able to walk normally. Right now we are giving pain medication, as well as lots of supplemental vitamins to help the bird re-grow her feathers. Feather growth can be a long process for mourning doves, as they shed feathers very easily as part of a defense mechanism when stressed. We will continue to monitor her condition closely and keep her as stress-free as possible to speed recovery. You can check back in another few weeks for an update on her condition, at which time we should have a more certain prognosis for her.” How amazing are they? Here Shimmer is sitting next to the bird (in the box) on the way to WBF yesterday! Please send our bird good vibes for a speedy recovery! Thank you WBF for taking such great care of her!