Bear In Mind: The Voice of Image

 Jo-Anne McArthur a Toronot based photojournalist uses her amazing abilities to capture the the heart and soul of poor animals who are put into unliviable environments. Jo-Anne’s goal is to provide a way for animals to educate humans through these photographs. She’s try’s to capture what animals are saying and feelings, not what humans want to see or hear but the actual reality. Some of her photos are accompanied by the request “please don’t turn away” because she wants people to see the truth. Please read this heart touching interview and view more of Jo-Anne’s incredible photography .  


Ron, at Save the Chimps, was rescued from invasive medical research.
Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur


Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Uganda.

Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur 


Susie and Lucille at Farm Sanctuary, USA

Photo By Jo-Anne McArthur