Amazing Reminder of the Magical Ocean

It has to be a good sign when one of the very first people to walk through your door when you reopen after the hurricane is the amazing community organizer, ocean lover & rescuer Wallace J. Nichols! He works to inspire others to have a deeper connection with the ocean with his brilliant and BLUEMiND.

I love all animals but I especially love turtles. Living with an extraordinary red eared slider turtle, Aloha, for six years taught me what incredible creatures turtles are. J has worked incredibly hard to help protect sea turtles and created .

He bought this tee shirt for his adorable daughter Julia!

It was so inspiring that he happened to stroll into my shop, moments after reopening, to remind me of the magic of the ocean & help me reconnect with one of the huge reasons I love Coney Island so deeply… the ocean!