Sandy can’t Knock Lola down!


The morning after the storm, my friend sent me a photo of my shop. Miraculously, my beautiful new sign is still there! Only some minimal damage to the awning! My pink sand bags are still in place! There’s probably flooding damage on the inside but at least the structure and sign are still in decent shape!!!! HURRAY!!!!

Yesterday I started a pink sandbag trend… Today I’m starting a soggy tee shirt trend! Soggy tees are all the rage & luckily it apears my shops are fully stocked with wet tees & toys galore! Get yours before its too late!

I’ve got my cleanin’ clothes on! Just waiting for the word that its fairly safe to go out to Coney Island & I’m there! Ready to start wringing out soggy tee shirts, drying treasures & pulling my shops back together!

Just thinking of this moment earlier today when I turned to Shimmer and told her I was going to Coney Island to defend the shops from the looters “running rampant” in Coney Island. She looked back at me with these wide innocent eyes that said “like you even have to ask. Of course I’ll be by your side when you confront the looters. Let’s go!” Dogs are seriously the best! We didn’t end up going out there but looters beware, I’ve got my spunky little poodle as back up!